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An Advocates International Prayer Alert  
May 23, 2011  
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Please Pray for 
Shouwang Church in China
and sign petition on their behalf


Dear friends,


Many of you have no doubt heard about the problems that our brothers and sister at the Shouwang Church in China have been having with the authorities.  Just this past weekend, another 25 believers from the church were detained and 7 of them are still in custody. Many of the members are lawyers and law students and professors.

In addition, we have received word from our colleagues that the government is preparing another national smear campaign against the Shouwang Church, followed by further punishment through potential legal means.

Given the recent escalation of persecution and this historic petition (Mike Gerson called it a "Founding Document for a New China" in his recent Washington Post article), we encourage you to support the Shouwang Church by signing the petition that they are submitting to the Chinese Government.  Among the chief drafters of the petition is Elder Wang Yi, a former professor of law at Chengdu University in Sichuan who attended the Global Convocation a few years back.  He left the law to pursue full time Church ministry and was named as one of the Persons of the Year by Asian Newsweek for his influential blogs in 2005.

All of the pastors and elders, as well as the main leaders of the church have been under house arrest without any freedom of movement since April 9.  Several hundred members of the church have been unable to attend church over the past 6 weeks and a couple hundred were arrested after they tried to come together to worship, but were later released.  About 30 members have lost their rental homes and 10 have lost their jobs, and things continue to get worse daily. 

Finally, Advocates is planning to issue a statement on the situation in China and we would appreciate your input if you have the time to assist in this matter.  Please let me know right away by


May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect. . . 

Grace and Peace,

Brent Sig
Brent McBurney




A Prayer UPDATE from Pakistan

Our dear brother Joseph Francis had surgery to remove his appendix earlier today (May 23).  Please pray for his quick recovery and for good health.

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