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Vol. 3, Issue 6                                                                                           May 10, 2011

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Advocates International Introduces Two Heavily Requested Sections of the Website

Backed by popular demand we have now made Sam Ericsson's talks on His-Story, and the growth of AI available for download on the website here.

We are also proud to introduce the new AI Spanish Website which can be seen here
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A global chronicle of our advocates prayers & praises 

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Let Us Know Your Needs

Advocates' international prayer & praise correspondent,  Bulgarian human rights attorney Diana Daskolova  reminds all advocates to  e-mail AI Prayer Net  your Advocates International prayer requests for inclusion in the next

AI Prayer Calendar.


The entire Advocates Africa team thanks you for your prayers.  For inclusion in the next Advocates Africa Prayer Calender.  Please send any items of prayer or praise to Alison Diarra Thank you.

Special Prayer request for Godfrey Yogarajah

Dear Friends,

GodfreyThank you so much for your continued prayers for Advocates and our work around the globe.  We greatly appreciate your support, both spiritual and financial.  We wanted to share this special prayer request below that comes from our dear brother Godfrey Yogarajah from Sri Lanka.  Godfrey has asked that we share this with you.

May God bless and keep you in His perfect. . .

Grace & Peace,
Brent Sig
Brent McBurney
President & CEO


A letter from Godfrey

Dear Friends: 

About three weeks ago I was diagnosed with a large thyroid which has grown inward in my throat, covering the wind pipe( Trachea ) and pushing the wind pipe to the right side of my chest.


The growth has also caused a narrowing of the trachea, making the air passage smaller.


A series of tests were done, including ultra sound scans,Cat scans,FNCS tests, blood samples,and numerous x rays etc. The doctors advice that I need to undergo surgery.


The procedure is going to be complicated, since in addition to removing the large growth, they have to straighten the trachea and there is a danger that it might spring back, snap and break.


Hence it is a potentially life threatening procedure.  I asked the doctor for two months to fulfil some of the commitments I have undertaken before undergoing surgery.


Although he was initially agreeable to this, after seeing the reports, the surgeon has recommended that I undergo surgery as soon as possible.


I am consulting other senior surgeons too for their opinions.


In the meantime I will complete my immediate commitment of advocacy and lobbying meetings scheduled next week with both the UK and EU parliaments.


The Surgeon is very keen to do it as soon as possible as he is worried it could be malignant.  Only after surgery this can be determined 100 percent.

The Cat scan shows white patches inside the growth which could be nodular cysts or malignant areas.


Blood samples outside the growth showed negative. Which is good news. Taking into account all this I decided to bring forward my surgery to June.


God willing if there are no complications I should be able to travel again by July or August.  At this point anyway I cannot be certain. Only after surgery in June I will know the real situation.


I want to keep you informed about this situation. 


I would greatly appreciate your prayers .


Thank you.



Thank You for Your Financial Support


        AI is not a recipient of government funding and is solely dependent upon the financial contributions of those who believe in its mission, thereby enabling it to serve "clients" ranging from heads of state seeking to implement constitutional reforms to persecuted and imprisoned believers sentenced to death for their faith. We are most grateful and thank you for whatever financial support or voluntary service you can provide in support of AI's mission. Here's how you can help(more)