Osama bin Laden Dead - Christians in Pakistan Need Prayers


An Advocates International Prayer Alert  
May 2, 2011  
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Osama bin Laden Dead!

Please Pray for Christians in Pakistan
& other Muslim countries


Dear friends,

As you are no doubt aware, U.S. Navy Seal Team Six raided the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011, killing him in a firefight.  While much of the world is rejoicing, many in the Muslim world are reacting, not surprisingly, with anger. 

John Langlois, Chairman of Board of Advocates International received an urgent prayer request from a friend living in Pakistan.  Below is the letter John received and a reminder that this war on terrorism, and the cultural battles between Christianity and Islam, are far from over.

May the Lord bless and keep you in His perfect. . . 

Grace and Peace,

Brent Sig
Brent McBurney




A Letter from Pakistan

Dear Brother John,

Please pray for us, situations are getting complicated in our nation. After the Bin Laden's death today, there were mixed feelings among people. I had to go for our very old car repairs, as i was in the shop, the owner asked me, "so, you have killed Bin Laden, our hero," before i answered he continued all Americans are playing Drama and you all are with them." i slowly tried to explain that it is world political matters, but he continues by making me speechless, after a while i was standing near my car, that the same shop man's son, came near me and i felt something touching me, and quickly turned to find he was very close to me, but did not notice anything, after i reached home only i realized that my trouser was tore with a blade from a side. i don't think i lost any money but it is very strange and this is first time something like this has happened to me. on top of that right during that our there was killing of 4 people including one of the leaders of a political part. this happened in some other part of Karachi, but after a while as mechanic was still working on my car, we heard big noise and shouting nearby, and before we ask what is happening, i saw about 8 to 10 bikes coming with all young people holding guns in their hands, i was standing just at the road side next to my car, they started firing in air and asked to shut down the market right now, there was a strange scene, everybody began to run here and there, suddenly shutters of shops were closed down, people tried to run inside the shop, by the time i approached shop, the shutter was already closed, so i ran back and got inside my car and locked it, after a while the mechanic who is also Christian came and got inside my car and asked my drive fast and leave from here soon, he accompanied me to the main road and then went back. there was chaos in the whole city, many buses, vehicles were burned, and so much more, any way after managing in huge traffic i was able to reach home safely by the grace of God, as I was about to enter my house, I thanked God and tears started to flow from my eyes, it was a very strange feeling, and very uncertain moments i had come out of. any way i wanted to keep my family calm in the midst of all the disturbance in the city, so i controlled myself and entered house with quite normal way, but for few hours the situation had gripped my heart and i was not able to do anything, but just sit and watch news. After a while it was shown in news that in same market area where I was, there was firing and one person died and several were injured.

I praise God for His protection and help.

I am requesting you, Please pray for us, for my family, for our nation. We do not know what comes next, when and where.

Please Pray.

Thank you.

In His service, for His glory, until my last breath!


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