Our Core Values


Encouraging and enabling Advocates to meet locally, organize nationally, cooperate regionally and link globally to promote justice, rule of law, religious freedom, reconciliation and integrity

Seven Core Functions

  • Christ Centeredness Maintained
  • Core Values Protected
  • Communications Facilitated
  • Conferences Encouraged and Enabled
  • Calls to Action Considered, Coordinated and Communicated Globally
  • Community Encouraged and Nurtured
  • Costs Counted, Considered, Contributed, and Distributed

Statement Of Faith, Commitment And Practice

We acknowledge God’s revelation in the Lord Jesus Christ.
We confess Jesus as God and Savior according to the Old and New Testament Scriptures.
We believe the Scriptures as originally given by God are divinely inspired, trustworthy and entirely authoritative in all matters of faith and conduct.
We commit ourselves, in obedience to God’s will and in the power of the Holy Spirit, to bear witness to Jesus Christ through the legal profession by working for justice, peace, truth, mercy and integrity.
We commit ourselves to be advocates for the poor, vulnerable and oppressed.
We shall endeavor to encourage and enable lawyers to meet locally, organize nationally, cooperate regionally and link globally,
We shall seek to do all to the glory of the one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


 A worldwide fellowship of advocates bearing witness of Jesus Christ through the legal profession.