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Teresa Conradie is the President of Advocates International Africa and also the President of the Christian Lawyers Association of South Africa. Teresa received her B.Juris LLB at the University of Pretoria where she was awarded Dux colors with special recommendation for her contribution in the fields of leadership, academic, and sports. She was admitted as an attorney in 1988 and has since been in private practice. She was a founding member of one of South Africa's first multi-cultural law firms and is currently the Managing Partner of Rooth Wessels Motla Conradie Attorneys in Pretoria. In recent years Teresa has been appointed on a number of occasions as an acting judge to the South African High Court. She received in 2004 Advocates' Good Samaritan Award, and has attended seven Advocates Conferences since 1999.Her dream is to influence a next generation of leaders in Africa by establishing an institute which teaches biblical worldview to law graduates and other leaders.
Advocates International Update
The Good and Other News From Advocates Around the World


Dear Advocate,
Welcome to the Update, our new by-monthly e-newsletter.

This week we are looking back at Advocates over the years especially it's accomplishments and also it's global impact. Please take time to read the below articles including Sam Casey's speech delivered to the Bio-Ethics and Human Dignity Conference on July 18th in Chicago, Illinois.

Grace and peace,
sam sam
Sam1 and Sam2
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Bio-Ethics Seminar
Chicago, June 2009

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Currently the Conference for Bio-Ethics and Human Dignity is coming to an end, in Chicago, Illinois, after wrapping up a week long look into bio-ethical treatments and its current involvement in American politics. Advocates International's own Sam Casey delivered the closing address to the convention on the current situation. Here are a brief highlights of the speech:

The complete speech can be found by following the link. (more...)


Overview of Advocates
As part of our continuation of AI's look back. We have compiled a list of events over the past 18 years that summarizes the essence and totality of Advocates' efforts around the world. Highlights among them include:
    • 7,000 lawyers, judges, clergy, students, business leaders and government officials have participated in 100+ meetings other than the global, regional or judicial conferences
    • 22,000+ people have attended conferences or other gatherings since 1991 organized, funded or co-sponsored by AI, its regional networks or national affiliates.
    • At the 5th Global Convocation in 2008 with 1,000 conferees, AI launched seven Global Task Forces to oversee: 1) Religious Freedom; 2) Peace & Reconciliation; 3) Family & Community; 4) Sanctity of Human Life; 5) Rule of Law with Integrity; 6) Human Rights & Justice for the Poor; and 7) Global Prayer. It seeks to collaborate globally with those of like mind and sacrificial commitment.

These represent just some of the highlights of Advocates' work. To continue reading the list click here


Training, Mentoring, and Doing Justice with Compassion
Training and mentoring the legal profession, and "doing justice with compassion", are at the core of Advocates International's mission. It challenges all advocates to bear witness of Jesus Christ wherever they may be. The linked list is a compilation of what I believe to be the most important events AI has been involved in over the past two decades. Each one unique in its own way and all capable of having books written about them. These events are the evidence and testaments to the afore mentioned core of AI. Please read over and thank God for each of these events and their power, as well as those to come. (more...)
Advocates 2000 Convocation
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