Below is a list of the Advocates newsletters back to January 1999. Each one has a link and a brief description of the main points or topics of the letter along with a listing of any enclosures.

Date Title
January 2018 With Joy!
 December 2017  Encourage!
November 2017 Be an AI Ambassador
October 2017 An Historic First!
September 2017 Go and Make Disciples!
August 2017 Awake, Awake, Africa!
July 2017 Blessed are the Lawyers!
June 2017 Always Winter but Never Christmas?
May 2017 Defending the Persecuted!
April 2017 Pray Without Ceasing!
March 2017 Welcome, Daniela
February 2017 Keeping Watch!
January 2017 Making All Things New!
December 2016 Christ's Ambassadors!
November 2016 Giving Thanks!
October 2016 Advocates Down Under!
September 2016 25!
August 2016 "Standing in the Gap" in Kyrgyzstan!
July 2016 Peacemakers & Instruments of Justice
June 2016 So That You Do Not Forget! Deut. 4:9
May 2016 Word of God is Not Imprisoned!
April 2016  Religious Liberty Challenges!
March 2016 Celebrating a Quarter Century!
February 2016 Two Firsts!
January 2016 Rejoice Evermore, Pray Without Ceasing!
December 2015  Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year
November 2015  Catalysts of Change
October 2015 The Maple Leaf in Warmer Climes!
September 2015 Africa Rising!
August 2015 20th Anniversary Rule of Law Institute Bulgaria: Latcho's Story - Part 3
July 2015 20th Anniversary Rule of Law Institute Bulgaria: Latcho's Story - Part 2
June 2015 From Bishkek to Bogotá
May 2015 20-годишнина институт за принципите на правото: Latcho's Story - Part 1
April 2015 Helping the Persecuted Church
March 2015 Religious Liberty Declining Across Europe
February 2015 Decline of Religious Liberty?
January 2015 Celebrating 20 Years: Rule of Law Institute Bulgaria 
December 2014 No Higher Calling!
November 2014 In Everything Give Thanks
October 2014 Green Pastures & Dark Valleys
September 2014 Possible v. Impossible: Luke 18:27
August 2014 FIAJC/ANAJURE - Brazil
July 2014 "Enlarging Our Tents!"
June 2014 "Set Apart: Acts 13:2"
May 2014 "New Deputy Exec. Director"
April 2014 "Liberdade Relgiosa"
March 2014 "What is Truth?"
February 2014 "Policing Other Religions"
January 2014 "Happy New Year"
December 2013 "Merry Christmas"
November 2013 "Titus 3:13"
October 2013  "Pray for Lawyers?"
September 2013  "An Honour, not a Sacrifice!"
August 2013  "Bringing Justice to the Nations"
July 2013  "Golden Rule in Iran?"
June 2013  "El Señor es mi abogado"
May 2013  "God in the Details"
April 2013  Religious Liberty in Europe
March 2013  Yes Lord!
February 2013  Law v. Grace
January 2013  Hope-Filled New Year
December 2012  "La Montaña es Alta"
November 2012  A Bright Future
October 2012  Watchmen on the Wall
September 2012  Saving Lives!
August 2012  Pursuit of Excellence
July 2012  In"dependence"
June 2012  "Ddyzetepesë. 45"
May 2012  "When you pray"
April 2012  "Father, forgive them; . . "
March 2012  "Grocery Bag on the Doorstep"
February 2012  "Encourage One Another"
January 2012  "Persecuted, but not Abandoned"
December 2011  'Miracle in Slow Motion": Patience Required
November 2011   Nearly 70 Percent!?!
October 2011  Called to be Faithful
September 2011  Answered Prayer
August 2011   Change and Hope
July 2011   Advocates Needed More Than Ever
June 2011  Arab Spring
May 2011  The Power of Forgiveness!
April 2011

 Advocates International Impacts the World!

March 2011  Advocates Is Needed Globally More Than Ever!
February 2011  The Baton Has Passed
January 2011  A Report From Africa
December 2010 A Great Year And A Greater Future!
November 2010 Advocates Asia on the Move
October 2010 Impacting The Balkans
September 2010 When the Going Gets Tough
August 2010 Arm the Advocates
July 2010  Good News and Other News in U.S. Courts
June 2010  Part 2  Sam's Update on Cancer, Health, and Healing
June 2010 Advocating for Believers Globally!
May 2010 When Sex & Islam Trump Everything Else!
April 2010  Helping Widows and Orphans
March 2010  Advocates in Action
February 2010 Busting Muzzlers Globally
January 2010
 No "Lost Decade" at Advocates
December 2009  Christmas Greeting
November 2009  50 Reasons to Give Thanks
October 2009  Advocates in Action Globally
September 2009  Overview of Advocacy 1991-2009 and the Ten Major 2009 Activities
August 2009  Lessons Learned from a 10-year Cancer Journey
July 2009 40 Reasons for National, Regional, and Global Advocacy
June 2009 Good News and Current Challanges
May 2009 Seeing God in the Details
April 2009 From Hell Holes to High Hopes
March 2009 At the Proper Time, We will Reap a Harvest
February 2009 Global Convocation Launches Seven Global Task Forces
February 2009 Open Letter to President Obama
January 2009 Never Owner, Always Steward
January 2009 Urgent Appeal
December 2008 The Cross-Peace Photo Story
November 2008 "Live your life in such a way that it would make no sense if God did not exist." - Advocates' Board Chairman Lynn Buzzard
October 2008 "Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, it is doomed to failure." - John Haggai
September 2008 Facing Persecution in India
August 2008 Incredible Opportunities to Impact the World
July 2008 When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?
June 2008 Meet 7 World Changers!
May 2008 Impacting cities, countries and continents for Christ!
April 2008 Impacting Africa from the Inside
March 2008 How to Grow a Global Movement
February 2008 40 Reasons Why!
January 2008 Why Not Take a Cruise down Pennsylvania Avenue?
December 2007 Christmas Greetings from Leaders Worldwide!
November 2007 A Global Movement is a Miracle in Slow Motion, AI's Global Network: A Miracle in Slow Motion, & Who Needs an Advocate?
October 2007 An Invitation to Impact the World & Sam's Health Update
September 2007 The Strategy of Jesus, Core Vision and Mission Statements, List of 2008 Convocation Groups
August 2007 Global Snapshot for Prayer & Praise!, 2007 Conference List, & August 5-11 Prayer Calendar
July 2007 An Unfolding Drama!, Letter from 9-year-old Nirel, & Letters to President Triet
June 2007 "I was in prison and what did you do?", Letter to President Triet, & China File Excerpts
May 2007 An Asian Journey & Prison Time in Vietnam! & An Invitation to Conferences
April 2007 "Be the change you wish to see in the world" & Advocates Latin America Report
March 2007
(in pdf format)
Advocates in Action on 5 Continents, Prayer & Advocacy Alert from Vietnam, Response from President Nichol of W&M, Portugal File, & Dominican Republic File
February 2007 On the Road Again..., What if God is the Author of life?, & Letter to President Nichol of W&M
January 2007 Preparing the Next Generation of Advocates
December 2006 The Remnant & Their Advocate
November 2006 Thankful for over 7,000 Lawyers & Law Students Who Met in 2006
October 2006 Changing the World for $2.50 Per Hour! & The Country-by-Country Africa Report
September 2006 And Now for Some Good News!, Advocates Africa Report, Health Update, & Mother's Home Going
August 2006 Troubling Times!
July 2006 Evidence of Another Dimension & Report from India
June 2006 We're Starting Over & Reports from Uganda & Mongolia
May 2006 Committed to AI's Cause, The Power of 3, & AI's 2006 Roster
April 2006  Engaged in Afghanistan, Letters to President Karzai & US Ambassador Neuman, & An Amicus Brief for Abdul Rahman
March 2006
(in pdf format)
What if God is?, Time & Eternity Diagrams, Thinking Outside the Box, & AI Receives a 5-Star Rating from MinistryWatch!
February 2006 Great News from Vietnam, Africa, & Latin America!, Advocates Africa Report, & Advocates Latin America Report
January 2006 25th Anniversary
October 2005 A Sabbatical, Five Regional Conferences, & Great News!
September 2005 A Special Letter & Lady Luck or Father God
August 2005 Good and "Other" News
July 2005 25 Years Ago, Twelve Baskets Full, You be the Judge, & An Encouraging E-mail from Advocates Europe
June 2005 Our 14th Anniversary & Advocates in Action: Tip of the Iceberg
May 2005 God's Provision & Challenges in Russia and India
April 2005 God's Intelligent Design in Albania
March 2005 The Global Network Report
February 2005 Sex, Politics, & Religion: Victory in Sweden!
January 2005 Swedish Pastor Sentenced to Prison for his Sermon
December 2004 Christmas 2004
November 2004 Thanksgiving 2004, A Story of Forgiveness from the Republic of Georgia, & A Global Thanksgiving Report
October 2004 Why I Won't Let up, Retire, or Quit
August 2004 The Best Staff Money Can't Buy
March 2004 Miracles In Slow Motion
February 2004 We Use What We have to Build up What We Hope for
January 2004 2004 Global Convocation Summary
December 2003 Christmas 2003
November 2003 Global Thanksgiving Report
October 2003 When Things Go Wrong: Five Questions to Ask
September 2003 Challenges and Hope in Africa and Asia
August 2003 The Atheist Dictator's "House Church"
July 2003 The Power of 3
June 2003 Project Elijah
May 2003 An Urgent Appeal
March 2003 Never Give Up!
February 2003 Global Network Report
December 2002 Christmas 2002
November 2002 THANKFUL!
October 2002 2002 Global Highlights
September 2002 African Christian Lawyers Network Report
August 2002 Impacting Four Continents This Summer
July 2002 Why Not? --- Enclosure: "Mother Teresa: A Pencil in the Hand of God"
June 2002 Our 11th Anniversary! A Brief Overview of Where We Are Today
April 2002 Who Needs an Advocate?
March 2002 If, Do, No
February 2002 The Global Network Report
January 2002 Seven Hours in a Greek Courtroom
December 2001 A Christmas of Significance
November 2001 In Everything Give Thanks
October 2001 Before and After September 11: Are We Any Wiser?
September 2001 Out of Africa with Hope
July 2001 The Salt Report: Summarizing our First Decade
June 2001 3,653 Days Later
March 2001 First Quarter Report
February 2001

The Adventure Continues
-- enclosure: A Tribute to Karen Sue Lord

January 2001 Agenda for 2001
December 2000 Christmas and New Year's Greeting
November 2000 A Thanksgiving for All Seasons
October 2000 "On Track" -- enclosure: Confirmed Countries Attending Convocation
June 2000 Third International Convocation -- The Esther & Nehemiah Project
May 2000 Reconfirming God's Authorship - enclosure: Team 2000 -- Highlights from an Active Network
March 2000 Stranded in Istanbul!
February 2000 A Report to the Board on 1999 Activities and Plans for Year 2000
December 1999 Christmas 1999: God with us - enclosure: Who Speaks for Persecuted Christians in Egypt?
November 1999 Micah 6:8 and Philippians 4:13 talk - enclosures: "Advocates International: A Vision for Justice 2000 - 2005" & "How to Maximize and Multiply the Value of Your Year-End Gift"
October 1999 Intervening on behalf of the Truth
September 1999 Explanation of 1999 International Convocation - enclosure: "Life, Health, & Other Gifts"
August 1999 Monetary needs and agenda for 1999 International Convocation - enclosure: Turning Pain to Gain at Columbine
June 1999 History of Advocates Word in the Balkans - enclosure: "Prayer Itinerary for the Summer of 1999"
May 1999 How Bulgaria, Albania, China, Nepal, Romania, South Africa, and Mongolia have been changed in the decade since the fall of the Berlin Wall
April 1999 Invoked or not invoked, God is present - enclosure: "Recent Evidence of the Resurrection Power"
February 1999 Too much good news can be bad news for financial contributions
January 1999 Good and bad news throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, and reports of new staff members Wallace Cheney and Lynn Buzzard