December 01


Christmas 2001

Dear Friend,

Wishing you a Christmas of significance

after an unforgettable year
launching regional networks
doing justice with compassion
on six continents:
North America
South America

Working to reach over 150 nations in 2002,

linking 30,000 followers of Christ in the legal profession,
promoting religious freedom and reconciliation.

Hoping you will give generously

since the needs are particularly great
for such a time as this,
as we continue...

Living in His-Story,

Sam Ericsson Wally Cheney Johanna Blom Jonelle Ocloo
President & Executive Vice President Staff Counsel & Staff Counsel &
Liaison for & Liaison for Asia Liaison for Europe Liaison for Africa
Latin America

Lourdes Pisciotti Sam Logan Gloria Cheney
Director of Executive Assistant Director of Communications &
Administration International Prayer Coordinator

P.S. Our video "Headwaters of Hope" with stories out of Africa is our gift to you. Just ask!