December 2007

Christmas 2007

Dear Friends of The Story,

"In the beginning was The Story, and The Story was with God,
and The Story was God. The Story was with God in the beginning.
He is The Story; without Him there is no His-Story."
Paraphrase of John 1:1-3

"A Christian is one who bets his life that Christ is right." Elton Trueblood

Our faith is rooted in The Story. The Story is Jesus Christ. He called us to be His witnesses. The apostle Paul wrote that, "He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together." The Christian faith demands a fresh and radical way of thinking about reality. If The Story is true, there is hope, and we should therefore live as people with hope.

There are thousands within the legal profession worldwide who bet their lives that Christ is right. They're committed to bearing witness of Jesus Christ because they have hope. They seek to live in His-Story by mentoring others. They prepare the ground through law so that all believers are free to share the Good News of The Story. A few of our national and global servant leaders are listed on the back. They send you their Christmas and New Year's greetings. Your gifts enabled many of them to meet together and bear witness of Jesus Christ this past year.

Please set aside for prayer the 5th Global Convocation on October 5-12, 2008, at the Hyatt Regency in Washington. We hope to see 1,500 advocates from 150 nations gather for what may be the largest-ever gathering of Christian lawyers. We hope that many of you can attend the Convocation as well. You will hear more about the Convocation in our January newsletter.

We wish you joy and peace as you celebrate Christ's Story into the New Year and continue...

Living in His-Story,

Samuel E. Ericsson with Lourdes Pisciotti Romi Kobayashi
Founder & President Administration International Programs

Helen Hogye Diana Daskalova
Communications Global Prayer Calendar

Latcho Popov Bayo Akinlade Baasankhuu Octybari
Dani Bohotska Advocates Africa Nomiko Erdenebat
Violeta Tachinova Asia & Rule of Law Institute
Advocates Europe &
Vilma Balmaceda in Mongolia
Rule of Law Institute in Bulgaria Advocates Latin America