May 2006


May 2006

Dear Friend,

The Best Staff Money Can't Buy: There are at least 32 people spread over five continents on Planet Earth who depend on your gifts and prayers each month to enable our mission of mobilizing advocates globally. These people includeour 14 full and part-time staff, along with their spouses, children and several elderly parents who receive about $75 per month in government pensions - just enough to cover their utility bills.

Facilitators: The Directors, Staff & Global Leadership roster and The Power of 3 shows how a Home Office of three full-time people can facilitate the work that informally links thousands of lawyers in 140 nations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America andOceania. The Spanish word for easy is facil. Thus, as facilitators, our goal is to make things easier for our global staff who, in turn, make things easier for national and regional leaders on their continents. Also, volunteers donate thousands of hours of professional services each year globally to carry out our mission.

Who do you bill? Several of our global staff could double - even quadruple - their current salaries if they had "real" jobs, serving "real" clients, who pay "real" fees. But the pastors, prisoners and prime ministers that they serve are not in a position to pay for the unique, often behind-the-scenes, services that our global staff facilitates.

Who do you bill for a Friend of the Court Brief in Afghanistan or Sweden filed on behalf of prisoners and pastors whose lives and freedoms are on the line? Who pays for the counsel to Members of Parliament or Ambassadors as to the constitutionality of proposed Laws on Religion pushed by groups seeking to restrict minority faiths? Who pays for meetings with officials to discuss policies preventing groups from renting theatres or community centers to show the Jesus film? Who pays for facilitating national or regional networks where there may be less than a dozen Christian lawyers in a country?

Five Stars: In Jesus' parable about the minas in Luke 19:11-27, the master commended the servants who had been faithful "in a very small matter." He put them in charge of ten cities. Over the past 15 years, we have tried to be faithful in small things. We believe the Master has rewarded our work. Recently we learned that Ministry has given Advocates International their highest marks for financial efficiency. Although this is only one criterion, we are grateful for the #1 and Five Star ratings. Please visit Ministry for the summary or full report.

Thank you for being our facilitators. Without your gifts and prayers, we could not enable others to bear witness of Jesus Christ through the legal profession, while...

Living in His-Story,

Sam Ericsson
Founder & President


The Power of 3

31 = 3

Our three full-time staff at Advocates' home office in Northern Virginia:
Founder & President Sam Ericsson (born in Sweden),
International Program Coordinator Romi Kobayashi (born in Japan)
and Director of Administration Lourdes Pisciotti (born in Guam).

32 = 9

We have nine other full-time staff in offices on four continents:
Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

33 = 27

Our total global full and part-time staff and consultants,
plus Advocates' Board of Directors

34 = 81

In addition to our global staff and Board, Advocates International works
alongside leaders of eight regional networks in Africa, Asia, Australia,
Caribbean, Europe, India, Latin America and North America.

35 = 243

In 2005, at least 243 lawyers, judges and national leaders globally
contributed their time, talent and treasure enabling Advocates-related
programs and activities to move from ideas to reality.

36 = 729

Over the past twelve months, at least 729 donors supported
Advocates International through their gifts.

37 = 2,187

At least 2,187 Christian lawyers, judges, national leaders and law students participated
in local, national and regional law programs, seminars and conferences in 2005.

38 = 6,561

Advocates International informally links at least 6,561 lawyers, judges, national
leaders and law students through its national, regional and global networks.

39 = 19,683

There are at least 19,683 hits weekly on and related regional
websites, including, and Latin America's, reporting on national, regional and global activities.

3¥ = The Trinity

All of the above are empowered by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Thank you, God!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil. 4:13


Directors, Staff and Global Leadership

Board of Directors:
Founder & President Samuel E. Ericsson, Advocates International, Springfield, VA
Chairman & Lynn R. Buzzard, Professor, CampbellU.LawSchool, Buies Creek, NC;
Asia Focus Dean, HandongInternationalLawSchool, Pohang, South Korea
Vice Chairman North
America & Europe Focus Samuel B. Casey, Exec. Director, Christian Legal Society, Springfield, VA
Secretary &
South Asia Focus Ann Buwalda, Just Law and U.S. Director, Jubilee Campaign, Fairfax, VA
Treasurer &
East Asia Focus Timothy C. Klenk, Bryan Cave, LLP, Chicago, IL
Balkan Focus Roger D. Sherrard, Sherrard & McGonagle, Poulsbo, WA
China & Europe Focus John E. Langlois, Consultant, Carey Olsen, Isle of Guernsey Parliament Deputy
Latin America Focus Chip Zimmer, Int'l Director, Peacemaker Ministries, Billings, MT
Pacific Rim Focus Kenneth W. Starr, Dean, Pepperdine University Law School,Malibu, CA
Central Asia Focus Matt C.C. Bristol III, Ala-Too Ashari Fund (residing in Richmond, VA)

Home Office:
Samuel E. Ericsson Founder & President
Lourdes Pisciotti Director of Administration
Romi Kobayashi International Program Coordinator
Helen Hogye Communications Coordinator
Joseph (Zef) Brozi Senior Advisor - Albania - former Chief Justice

International Staff:
Latchezar Popov Director, Rule of Law Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria
Diana Daskalova Coordinator, International Prayer Networks (studying in South Korea)
Slavka Zaharieva Conference Facilitator, Rule of Law Institute & Advocates Europe,Bulgaria
Yordanka ( Dani) Bohotska Coordinator, Advocates Europe & Rule of Law Institute Prayer Networks, Bulgaria
Diavena Kalcheva Project Coordinator, Rule of Law Institute & Advocates Europe,Bulgaria
Baasankhuu Octybari Director, Rule of Law Institute, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Nomintuya Erdenebat Assistant, Rule of Law Institute (studying in South Korea)
Vilma (Nina) Balmaceda Facilitator, Latin America Network,Lima, Peru (residing in Nyack, NY)
Adebayo (Bayo) Akinlade Liaison, Africa Network, (residing in Pretoria, South Africa)

Regional Leadership and Liaisons:
Africa Teresa Conradie, Pretoria, South Africa, President, Advocates Africa
Central Africa - French Jean Musafiri, Kigali, Rwanda, Facilitator, French-Speaking Central Africa
East Africa Paul Ndemo, Nairobi, Kenya,Facilitator,East Africa Network
Horn of Africa Fmr. Justice Nardos Lemma,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Facilitator,North Africa Network
Southern Africa Davison Kanokanga, Harare, Zimbabwe, Facilitator,Southern Africa Network
West Africa - English Emmanuel Goka, Accra, Ghana, Facilitator,West Africa Network
West Africa - French Alison Diarra, Koutiala, Mali, Facilitator, French-Speaking West Africa
Asia Yong-Tae Jun, Seoul, South Korea, President, Advocates Asia

Asia Gregory Vijayendran, Singapore, Facilitator, Advocates Asia
Central Asia Timur Kupeshev, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Facilitator, Central Asia Network
East Asia Soo-KeunKyung,Seoul, Korea, Facilitator, Advocates Korea
South Asia Tehmina Arora, New Delhi, India, Facilitator,South Asia Network
Australia Mark Mudri, Adelaide, Australia, Facilitator, Australia Network
Caribbean Shirley Richards, Kingston, Jamaica, Facilitator, Caribbean Network
Europe Latchezar Popov, Sofia, Bulgaria, President, Advocates Europe
Balkans Latchezar Popov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Facilitator, Balkan Network
Iberian Peninsula Fernando Soares Loja,Lisbon, Portugal, Facilitator,Iberian Peninsula
Russia Ekaterina Smyslova, Moscow, Russia,Facilitator, Advocates for Justice
Scandinavia Per Karlsson, Stockholm, Sweden, Facilitator, Nordic Advocates Network
Western Europe Christine John, London, UK, International Program Coordinator, LCF/UK
Middle East Botrus Mansour, Nazareth, Israel, Facilitator,Middle East Network
North America Sam Casey, Springfield, VA, Executive Director, CLS/USA
Latin America Elizabethde Larios, Guatemala, Coordinator, Latin America Network
United Nations Former UN Ambassador Slavi Pachovski, New York City, Liaison