November 02


Thanksgiving 2002

Dear Friends,

Thankful! No other word better sums up our feelings at this time.

Thankful that plans to bring together lawyers, judges and national leaders on six continents this year were realized. At least 4,000 professionals from over 100 nations participated in conferences and seminars where Advocates' staff and Board members played a key role.

Thankful that all continents have active, self-governing networks "doing justice with compassion" by promoting religious freedom, human rights, justice, conflict resolution and the practical integration of faith with their profession.

Thankful that all continents were able to help pay for a good share of their conference costs.

Thankful that lawyers in 70 nations took an active advocacy role in religious liberty and human rights issues through their courts and legislatures.

Thankful that videos aimed at expanding the networks are now circulating globally among lawyers and churches. They seek to encourage believers to take seriously Christ's charge at the end of the Good Samaritan parable to, "Go and do likewise." Headwaters of Hope features the work of 19 lawyers throughout Africa while The Call to Justice focuses on how 15 lawyers in Latin America are having an impact. Two other videos will soon be ready: Who Will Build the Guardrails? presents Advocates' approach in promoting religious freedom and human rights; After the Fall shows the strategic role lawyers have played in former communist nations by enabling believers to have more opportunities to practice their faith.

Thankful that God's mercies were extended to thousands of participants who traveled over one million miles to attend the 2002 conferences. We know of only one lost suitcase still in transit somewhere between Mongolia and Malaysia and back again - we think.

Thankful for God's provision of life, health and countless other daily blessings.

Thankful for your prayers, notes of encouragement and support, as we continue...

Living in His-Story,


Samuel E. Ericsson
Founder & President