October 2004

Co-hosted by Advocates International and
Christian Legal Society USA
October 27-31, 2004

Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, it is doomed to failure. (John Haggai)

Doing the Impossible with Jesus
Overcoming Evil with Good Throughout the World

Objective: To bring together 1,200 Christian lawyers, judges and national leaders from 120 nations to strengthen local, national, regional and global networking in advancing justice, religious freedom, conflict resolution, biblical family values, ethics, and the integration of faith and profession. Convocation goals are set forth below.

Speakers include: Lord David Alton of Jubilee Campaign (UK), author Os Guinness of Trinity Forum, Joni Eareckson Tada of Joni & Friends, Justice Julia Sebutinde (Uganda), Bible expositor Ajith Fernando (Sri Lanka) and Sam Ericsson.

Location: McLean Hilton Hotel, McLean, Virginia

Workshop & Exhibit invitees will include the following: Advocates Africa, Advocates Asia, Advocates Europe, Advocates Latin America, Alliance Defense Fund, Americans United for Life, Center for Law & Religious Freedom of CLS, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, C.S. Lewis Institute, ACLJ and their European Center for Law & Justice (Strasburg) and Slavic Center for Law & Justice (Moscow), Freedom House, Hangdong International Law School, Helsinki Commission (U.S. Congress), Institute for Global Engagement, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, Institute for Religion and Public Policy, International Religious Freedom Association, International Justice Mission, Joni & Friends, Jubilee Campaign, Justice Fellowship, Peacemaker Ministries, Prison Fellowship International, Regent University Law School, Rule of Law Institute (Bulgaria), Rule of Law Institute (Mongolia), Trinity Forum, Office of the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and the World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission.

Denominational, Parachurch Ministries and Mission Agency Participation: Several denominations, parachurch ministries and mission agencies are encouraged to bring their law professionals to the Convocation to facilitate networking. Several groups plan to reschedule their annual meetings with their international lawyers to coincide with the Convocation.

Project Barnabas: Law firms, businesses, churches and the 80+ CLS city chapters will be encouraged to forge two-year partnerships with national groups of Christian lawyers. Each partnership would involve: (a) regular communication and prayer; (b) a modest level of monthly financial support to enable these groups to secure email capability and get off to a good start; (c) one or more forms of direct engagement, such as lawyer exchanges; and (d) sponsoring delegates from the partner country to the Convocation.

Convocation goals include:

  • Develop a deeper commitment to and relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, in our lives and profession, and among one another in the Body of Christ.
  • Produce and distribute The Global Advocates Report covering the activities of national lawyer groups and their regional networks.
  • Develop strategies to broaden and strengthen networking within each region and among regions.
  • Develop regional strategies for 2005-2008 in addressing major legal issues facing the Church and society.
  • Develop strategies for Christian lawyers and judges to disciple and nurture one another and the next generation.
  • Provide biblical conflict resolution training by Peacemaker Ministries.
  • Develop strategies to strengthen national Christian lawyer fellowships.
  • Develop interdenominational and parachurch cooperation among law professionals.
  • Develop strategies to plant and strengthen national and regional law student ministries.
  • Develop and strengthen national, regional and global communications networks including Prayer Calendars.
  • Assist local, national and regional groups to prepare their own secure websites using the available CLS resources.
  • Develop regional religious freedom strategies and link NGO's engaged in the region.
  • Develop strategies to preserve and protect the biblical understanding of the family and concern for the sanctity of life.
  • Develop approaches for Christian judges to work together within their region and globally.
  • Develop approaches for Christian law professors, deans and law schools to work together within their region and globally.
  • Develop approaches addressing corruption in the legal, business and judicial arenas.
  • Produce The Right Card in 28 languages for Christian lawyers to use and equip pastors and other counselors in helping clients when things go wrong.
  • Strengthen local, national, regional and global prayer networks.
  • Develop strategies for Christian lawyer fellowships to engage in legal aid in their communities.
  • Encourage law firms and local Christian Legal Society chapters in the U.S. and in other developed nations to partner with national Christian lawyer fellowships in developing nations.
  • Distribute Advocates in Action videos and DVDs to encourage lawyers and judges to "Go and do likewise."
  • Make books and other resources available for Christian law professionals to help them integrate their faith and profession.
  • Share approaches to effectively engage Parliamentarians and government officials to become active in religious liberty advocacy.
  • Share approaches to help local, national and regional groups identify financial resources for special projects.


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