October 08

October 2008

Dear Friend,

Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it,
it is doomed to failure.
John Haggai

With God all things are possible. Jesus in Matthew 19:26

We're now engaged in mission impossible! Nearly 600 delegates from over 100 nations - plus at least 400 Americans - meet in Washington, DC for a week of networking, training, strategizing, fellowship and worship at our Global Convocation. It is the largest gathering of Christian lawyers ever assembled. Recently we sent you The Christian Lawyer magazine that shares our mission as told by 18 advocates from six continents. It's thrilling to see how God has mobilized a global Christian lawyer movement linking 158 nations!

The Convocation will organize six Global Task Forces: 1) religious freedom; 2) peace & reconciliation; 3) sanctity of human life; 4) protecting the family; 5) rule of law & integrity and 6) justice for the poor and oppressed. I can't think of a time when Christian lawyers were needed more than now on every continent! Our role is to encourage and equip them!

One of many logistical challenges is providing simultaneous translation in Chinese (20 delegates), French (40), Russian (20) and Spanish (120) for the 10 General Sessions and over 30 workshops. The price tag for the equipment alone is $30,000. Bilingual delegates serve as translators. We waived their $495 Convocation fee for 7 work days = slave labor!

We've raised 80% of the funds we need for this historic event.

We're $135,000 short of our goal. The big hotel bills will be due in November.

If you've been waiting for "the right moment" to help, that moment is now!

I've taken on big tasks in my life - but nothing compares to this. It's overwhelming! But God working through available people makes the impossible possible. I have NO doubt!!!

I rarely send appeals. This is an appeal to you to help us do the impossible, while...

Living in His-Story,
Samuel E. Ericsson