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Latchezar L. Popov, President of Advocates Europe

For over twenty years, Latchezar Popov (Latcho) has served the cause of developing Christian character with lawyers and promoting integrity in the justice system in Bulgaria and around the world. He founded the Rule of Law Institute in Bulgaria in 1995 and has been active in the fellowship of Christian lawyers since this time.

From 1996-1998, Latcho shaped his understanding of global human rights, specializing in human rights law in Denmark. In 2001, Latcho was one of the founders of Advocates Europe, where he served as a member of the Managing Board and since 2009 as a Chairman of the Managing Board. Since 2008 Latcho serves as a leader of the Global Resource Team of Advocates International with the title, “Integrity under the Rule of Law”.

With a consistent desire to improve the life and quality of his home nation Bulgaria, Latcho’s extensive international experience prepared him for a successful plea of a major case for Bulgarian human rights in 2009: “The Holy Synod of Bulgarian Orthodox Church and Others v. Bulgaria.”

Latcho lives in Sofia Bulgaria with his wife Lucy, and has  a married daughter and two grandchildren.