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Global Council & Staff

Global Council

The Global Council is composed of leader advocates from the different regions in the world who direct the activities of Advocates International with an approach that considers the various interests, needs, ands strengths of each region.  Collaboration, mutual edification, and strategizing are key. The Global Council meets throughout the year via teleconferencing, and it meets once a year in-person in a chosen location during one of AI’s regional conferences.  Its first meeting was in Istanbul in 2006.

Executive Committee

Chairperson: Teresa Conradie (South Africa)       At-Large: Latchezar Popov (Bulgaria)

Vice-Chair: Gregory Vijayendran (Singapore)       At-Large: Elizabeth de Larios (Guatemala)

Treasurer: Mark Mudri (Australia)                          Member Ex Officio: Brent McBurney

Secretary: Pete Rathbun (USA)

Advocates Asia & Oceania

Robin David (India)

Min Choon Lee (Malaysia)

Dongsub Sim (South Korea)

Advocates North America & Caribbean

Hyacinth Griffith (Trinidad & Tobago)

Ruth Ross (Canada)

Robert Trierweiler (USA)

Advocates Africa

Dr. Bankole Sodipo (Nigeria)

Hon. Mike Chibita (Uganda)

Advocates Europe

Eliseo Gomez (Spain)

Peter Gegenwart (Germany)

Advocates Latin America

Uziel Santana (Brazil)

Grisel Arrecis (Guatemala)

Advocates International

Matt Bristol

Roger Sherrard

Brent McBurney




Brent McBurney, President & CEO

Daniela Ancalle, Office Administrator

International Team

Patrick M. Talbot, Vice President

Latchezar Popov, President of Advocates Europe

Regional Leadership

AI constitutes global, regional, and national leadership.  The Global Council comprises global leadership.  Below is a list of advocates who are leaders in their respective regions apart from the Global Council.


Africa Sunny Akanni, Nigeria, Chairperson, Advocates Africa
Central Africa Safari Gahizi, Rwanda, Coordinator, French-Speaking Central Africa
East Africa Judy Kalinga, Kenya, Coordinator, East Africa Network
Southern Africa Mateus Mosse, Mozambique, Coordinator, Southern Africa Network
West Africa Kwame Nkarumah Botsio, Nigeria, Coordinator, West Africa Network
North Africa Emad Felix Moubarak, Cairo, Egypt, North Africa Network
Asia Min-Choon Lee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chairman, Advocates Asia
Asia Gregory Vijayendran, Singapore, Facilitator, Advocates Asia
Central Asia Asel Bayastanova, Kyrgyzstan, Facilitator, Central Asia Network
East Asia Dongsub Sim, Seoul, Korea, Facilitator, Advocates Korea
South Asia Robin David, New Delhi, India, South Asia Network
Australia Mark Mudri, Adelaide, Australia, Facilitator, Australia Network
Caribbean Justice Alice Soo Hon, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, Facilitator, Caribbean Network
Europe Latchezar Popov, Sofia, Bulgaria, President, Advocates Europe
Balkans Latchezar Popov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Facilitator, Balkan Network
Iberian Peninsula Eliseo Gomez, Madrid, Spain, Facilitator, Iberian Peninsula
Scandinavia Ruth Nordström, Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, Uppsala, Sweden
Western Europe Peter Gegenwart, Germany, Global Council Rep., Christ und Jurist
Middle East VACANT, Facilitator, Middle East Network
North America Ruth Ross, London, ON, Canada, President, Advocates North America
Latin America Elizabeth de Larios, Guatemala, Global Council Representative, Latin America Network

Photo Gallery

Berlin, October 2018

Rio de Janeiro, November 2017

Cape Town, August 2015

Munich, May 2014

Hong Kong, April 2013

Barcelona, January 2012

London, January 2011

Washington D.C., October 2008