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Advocates Oceania has lived in the hearts of leaders such as Mark Mudri and Sue-Ellen Hollyock for some years, but their desire to see a formal group became a reality when a dozen Christian lawyers, law students and advocates went to Washington DC for the Global Convocation. The first official meeting of Advocates Oceania occurred then. Though almost all were based at the time in Adelaide or Brisbane, the Lord in His intriguing way has scattered that group to capital cities and regional centres throughout the nation carrying the Advocates vision. The same dozen remain currently involved and supporting the Advocates vision whilst there are numerous Christian lawyer groups throughout the nation to connect with into the future.

The pressing issues in Australia are similar to those faced in other Western countries – pro-choice movements on abortion and euthanasia, governments swayed by the pro-gay agenda and issues arising from the advance of Islam in Australia. However, increasingly religious persecution is occurring with Christians being arrested for preaching in cities or peacefully protesting at abortion clinics, or getting in trouble with government authorities for distributing Bibles.

Our major accomplishments to date have been to successfully defend arrested street preachers and youth leaders, promote and run a major pro-life event in Adelaide in partnership with the Justice Foundation in the USA and influence policy making and votes on euthanasia.

Current Projects

  • To establish a regional Advocates headquarters and provide some staff resources to promote and network Advocates regionally
  • To build links with other Christian lawyers and advocates in the region to capture the Advocates vision and support Advocates Oceania
  • Work with a Pacific Island nation to establish a Godly financial regime that will provide stimulus for their limited economy and establish Biblical economic principles in regional trade
  • Identify young law students and become a sending organisation despatching them to our Advocates brothers and sisters around the world to ignite their passion for justice in the world