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Latin America

Latin America

Advocates Latin America is now Federación Inter Americana de Juristas Cristianos, or FIAJC (formerly known as La Red Latinoamericana de Abogados Cristianos, RLAAC). It was formed on September 2, 2001 when after being challenged by Sam Ericsson to bring together the Christian lawyers of Latin America, Nina Balmaceda helped organize the First Latin American Convention of Christian Lawyers (I CLAC) in Ica, Peru.  The 100 lawyers gathered there founded RLAAC.  Countries present at I CLAC were Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, and Uruguay.  On May 16, 2013, RLAAC under its new name, FIAJC, was officially registered as an NGO under Uruguayan law.

FIAJC is an amicable community of action coordinated by national organizations of law professionals and students that recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, declare the Bible as the sole rule of faith and conduct, and that seek to make effective the principles of the gospel in social, political, legal, institutional, national, and international systems.


Board of Directors

Edna V. Zilli – President

Gabriel Dayan – Executive Director

Alexandre Maia – Director of Public Relations

Luigi Braga – Compliance Officer

Acyr de Gerone – Legal Director

Felipe Augusto – Academic Director






The Asociación Argentina de Abogados Cristianos (AAAC) was founded by Carlos Galván and Luis Daglio after they returned from I CLAC in Ica, Peru in 2001. Other members joined in the efforts such as Enrique Vetere, Daniel Di Paolo, and Marcelo Luda.

Advocates & Leadership

President: Luis Guillermo Daglio

Member: Lidia G. Torralba

Member: Graciela Kara


Advocates in Bolivia have formed the Asociación Boliviana de Juristas Cristianos (ABOJUC).

Advocates & Leadership

President: Harold I. Melgar

General Coordinator: Aminadab F. Saavedra

Treasurer: Carolina A. Tapia

Secretary: Luz A. Aquino

Member: Betty Balboa

Member: Zulema Antelo


Advocates in Brazil have formed the Associação Nacional de Juristas Evangélicos (ANAJURE).

Their mission is the defense of fundamental civil liberties – especially freedom of religion and expression – and the promotion of fundamental human rights and responsibilities – especially the principle of the dignity of every human being, all under the aegis of and doctrinal basis of Christianity and its Democratic State of Law.

Board of Directors

Legal Affairs: Augusto R. Ventura

Academic Affairs: Valmir M. Santos

Finances: Ênio P. Araújo

VP/Refugees & Humanitarian Aid: Jonas Almeida

President: Uziel Santana

Parliamentary Affairs: Edna V. Zilli

Institutional Relations: Jean M. Regina

Administrative Director: Roberto Tambelini

Denominational Affairs: Thiago R. Vieira

Visit ANAJURE’s Website



Advocates Chile focuses on religious liberty, defense of the vulnerable (the unborn, migrants, and children), ethical standards in the workplace, service to the Church in changes in laws that challenge its convictions, integration of faith to law, and encouraging justice with compassion.

Board of Directors

President: Carmen G. Moreira

Secretary: Stephan Schubert

Treasurer: María Jesús Cordero

Advisory Board President: Franz M. Morris

Visit Advocates Chile’s Website


Advocates in Colombia have formed the Fundación Colombiana de Juristas (FCJ). They recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, declare the Bible as the rule of faith and practice, and seek to put into practice the Gospel’s principles in social, political, juridical, institutional, national, and international systems. They aid religious institutions.


President: Juan Carlos Tobon Arboleda

Visit FCJ’s Website

Costa Rica

Our national leader is advocate Dorca Henriquez. Other advocates are also active on the ground.


Advocates in Cuba have formed the Confraternidad Cubana de Abogados Cristianos. They seek to serve the needs of the community in accordance with biblical principles of respect to the law and existing authorities, taking the Gospel to all with humility. They seek to emphasize Christian values in each task the organization executes in society over the basis of loving neighbor, cooperating with churches, schools, daycare and retirement centers, and orphanages.  Lastly, they seek to prepare and academically train their members alongside academic institutions in and outside the country. Please pray for our advocates and national leaders on the ground.


Advocates in Guatemala are the Asociación Guatemalteca de Abogados y Notarios Cristianos (AGANC).

Their vision is to be legal professionals who give testimony and demonstrate faith in Jesus Christ through their practice.

Their mission is to encourage and wholly equip legal professionals to share Biblical principles and positively influence Guatemala through the observance of the Divine Law contained in the Ten Commandments.

Their objective is for Christian lawyers to reach other legal professionals and law students with the message of Jesus Christ for the complete transformation of their lives and for positive influence in the workplace and nation, with ethical and biblical principles.

Board of Directors

President: David S. Luna

Vice-President: Grisel R. Arrecis

Treasurer: Lorenzo H. Pére

Secretary: Gladys A. de Sempé

Member: Teresa Merlos

Member: René M. Miranda

Member: Mario E. Tórtola Ruiz


On July 5, 2017, AGANC gathered to draft a Declaration on the Defense of Moral Values and Homeland Insignias when the LGBTI flag was placed on the Central Building of the Public Ministry of Guatemala City in June. English | Spanish


AI advocates on the ground are Gilda Espinal, Geovanny Pinto, and Rivaldo Rivera.


Advocates in Ecuador have formed the Fundación de Abogados Cristianos de Ecuador. AI’s national leader on the ground is Esplendida Navarrete.

El Salvador

Our advocates in El Salvador have come together to form the Acercamiento Cristiano de Abogados de El Salvador (ACAES).

Advocates & Leadership

Hugo D. Pineda

Patricia M. de Rivera


Advocates in Mexico have formed the Asociación Mexicana de Abogados Cristianos “Impulso 18.” AI’s national leader on the ground is Jorge Lee.


Advocate leadership for Nicaragua is Guadalupe Gomez and Melba Alguera.


Advocates in Paraguay have formed the Asociación de Abogados Cristianos de Paraguay.


Bettina Chamorro

Daniel Varela


National leader for AI on the ground is Ana Maria Caro.

Puerto Rico

Advocates in Puerto Rico are Alianza de Juristas Cristianos de Puerto Rico.


Ivette Montes

Sonimar Losada


Advocates in Uruguay formed the Instituto Jurídico Cristiano (IJC) on November 3, 2003. As lawyers and law students, they seek to contribute to peace, justice, and equity. Their aim is to reach law students and legal professionals with the Gospel and to spend time in fellowship with other Christian legal professionals.  Their work includes offering the Christian alternative as a means for conflict resolution, to promote and protect human rights on the basis that human beings are created in the image of God, and to provide guidance to and cooperate with churches and other Christian entities. AI’s national leader for Uruguay is advocate Marcel Legarra.

Board of Directors

President: Rosana Guillén

Secretary: Silvana Ferreira

Treasurer: Karen Fontoura

Visit IJC’s Website



Please pray for Venezuela and our advocates on the ground.