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North America & Caribbean

North America & Caribbean

Advocates North America & Caribbean consists of three distinct Christian lawyer fellowships that hold conferences separately yet cooperate regionally.  Each address national legal issues.  These three ministries are Advocates Caribbean (AC), the Christian Legal Society (CLS) in the United States, and the Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) in Canada.

Advocates Caribbean

CLS (USA) Staff & Board of Directors

CLF (Canada) Staff & Support Team


Advocates Caribbean Law Journal

Advocates Caribbean Law Journal, 1st Edition – A law review from AC’s Biennial Conference, “A Time to Stand,” that took place in Grenada in 2018.

Antigua & Barbuda

AI’s advocate for this region is Radford Hill.


AI’s two national leaders for Barbados are Anne Reid and Tennyson Vaughn.

British Virgin Islands

AI’s advocate for this region is Lorraine St. Rose.


AI’s national leaders for Canada are advocates Derek Ross and Robert Reynolds.  The lawyer fellowship in Canada is the Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF).  CLF was incorporated in 1978, and it seeks to incorporate the calling of the lawyer with faith.  Nearly 600 lawyers, law students, professors, and others who support its work form the organization.  Learn more…


AI’s two advocates for Dominica are Jeffrey Douglas-Murdock and Carlita Benjamin.


AI’s advocate for Grenada is Thandi Lyle.


AI has three national leaders in Guyana.  They are advocates Tejnarine Remroop, Justice Yonette Cummings, and Kim Kyte-John.


Advocate Shirley Richards is AI’s national leader.

Saint Lucia

AI’s advocate is Liz Joseph.

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

AI’s advocate is Mandella Campbell.

Trinidad & Tobago

AI has three national leaders for Trinidad & Tobago.  They are Alice Soo Hon, Hyacinth Griffith, and Maureen Rajnauth-Lee.

United States

AI’s office headquarters is located in Alexandria, Virginia.  From its beginnings, AI has collaborated with the Christian Legal Society (CLS), the lawyer fellowship in the United States.  AI’s Founder and President Sam Ericsson was one of the president’s of CLS.  CLS bases its mission on Micah 6:8 and seeks to equip Christian lawyers and law students to serve the Lord through the law.  They provide resources and training for lawyers, provide legal assistance to the community, and defend life and religious freedom.  Learn more…