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Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? Matthew 6:37

Suggested Readings: Matthew 6:25-34

Being a lawyer for the past five years has been a real blessing. I have experienced His love through the many highs of the job. But most especially as I have needed His love for the many low points—often a daily occurrence. And He has been there—with the case files to prepare for trial, the trials, the advice to give, the documents to vet, the meetings to attend, the legislation to draft, and above all this, the office and civil service politics that cannot be overlooked.

Too often in the midst of all this, I don’t have time (or perhaps I should say “take time”) to be quiet and still—and thus the stress becomes a burden to me, and to others as well. For example, I don’t take the time to be with my loved ones without taking out my frustrations on them. Many times over the past years these moments of stress have threatened to drown me. Yet s I look back I see Him clearly, standing there, my constant friend and comforter.

I am ashamed to say that I have only recently started going back to having my quiet time with him and I alone know how wonderful this has been. On one of these times recently I meditated on the passage from Matthew in the Sermon on the Mount I share with you here. My heart leapt within when I understood that He was saying, “Why are you worrying? I am in control.”

I needed so much to hear this, and to claim this each moment of the day. What was the point of worrying about how my trial will go when He knows my fears and trepidation and especially as there is nothing I can do to change anything? All I can do is be faithful to my preparations and worry not. How easy to forget this—but how liberating once I remember He is in control. There is a release that comes—a peace and ease which otherwise eludes us.

He knows your heart. He knows you, yet He loves you still and is in control of all that concerns you. Being in control is so important for many of us, and perhaps an occupational hazard of lawyers. We have the illusion that we can control things, and that if we can, all will be OK. But both those are disastrous illusions. We can’t control things, and even if we could, it would not bring freedom, joy or release. Those come from surrendering control and resting in His love and sovereignty.

For me, by loving Him, and believing and trusting Him, I have realized the pain and joy of letting go—of what it is to trust Him. Let Him be your constant today and for each moment throughout your walk.
Lepaola B. Vaea

– This article comes from AI’s “No Higher Calling,” a devotional for lawyers.

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